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Outside Broadcast Van Solutions

MMS has vast experience in designing and integrating outside broadcast vans which can be used in different areas such as TV broadcasting, communication, satellite transmitting and microwave communication.

MMS has core strength in the technical know-how for the internal design of the OB vans to meet the customer needs and satisfaction. The vans are made with highly engineered designs and accurate calculations to distribute the internal loads around the van axis to maintain the stability and safety of the van. The vans electrical systems are carefully calculated to cover the loads and any future addition or expansion that might occur on the system. The air-conditioning systems are specifically designed to be used in the harshest conditions to maintain the internal temperature in the comfortable range without affecting the overall performance on the electrical system. The vans are acoustically insulated in accordance with the highest engineering standards known on this field.

MMS has also core strength in working with the world best coachbuilders in the world.